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    1. Game Day- Senators Host Division-leading Bruins

      SensChirp December 9, 2019

      We all knew this year was going to be challenging for the Ottawa Senators. One look at the roster heading into the 2019/2020 season and you knew there were going to be some long

      Game Day- Senators, Flyers on a Saturday Afternoon

      SensChirp December 7, 2019

      Senators Stun Oilers in Edmonton

      SensChirp December 5, 2019

      FIVE QUICK THOUGHTS -If you dozed off some time during that opening 15 minute barrage the Ottawa Senators endured at the hands of the Edmonton Oilers, you probably woke up expecting a ten-goal defeat.

      Game Day- Senators Visit McDavid’s Oilers

      SensChirp December 4, 2019

      According to sources I’ve spoken to about last night’s game, it uhh sucked. The Ottawa Senators got off to a less than ideal start. Actually, it may have been the worst period of hockey

      Game Day- Senators Head West to Visit nucks

      SensChirp December 3, 2019

      The Ottawa Senators are in Vancouver tonight to visit the nucks. Well that’s why most of them are there. Mark Borowiecki is in town on more important business. You see on Sunday afternoon, Mark

      Monday News and Notes

      SensChirp December 2, 2019

      The 2019/2020 season has been full of ups and downs for the Ottawa Senators. Which is somehow still better than most expected coming into the year. After a stretch where they won seven of

      Game Day- Tkachuk Brothers Battle in lgary

      SensChirp November 30, 2019

      Basilly, the Ottawa Senators nnot lose. Rarely does a fan base find itself in such a refree season. If the Sens win, that’s good beuse everybody likes winning. If they lose, well then we

      Game Day- Senators Visit Wild on a Weekday Afternoon

      SensChirp November 29, 2019

      The rivalry between the Ottawa Senators and Minnesota Wild has been building over the years. In the long and storied history of the National Hockey League, the Senators and Wild have clashed on 24

      Bruins Edge Senators at CTC

      SensChirp November 28, 2019

      FIVE QUICK THOUGHTS -Perhaps they were not at their best on this particular evening but there really isn’t much debate that the Boston Bruins are the best team in the league. They sit atop

      Game Day- Senators Host League-leading Bruins

      SensChirp November 27, 2019

      The Boston Bruins are the best team in the National Hockey League. For now, anyway. They are currently acting as a place-holder of sorts. See, they are the Eastern Conference team holding down a

      Senators Blanked in Columbus

      SensChirp November 26, 2019

      FIVE QUICK THOUGHTS -As the old saying goes, “all good things must come to an end”. Or “you n’t win ’em all”. Or “losing is actually good too”. All things considered, the Ottawa Senators

      Game Day- Duclair Leads Senators into Columbus

      SensChirp November 25, 2019

      Webster’s Dictionary defines a streak as “a period of repeated success or failure”. They go on to define winning as “relating to or producing a win”. Still not getting it? Lou Brown, take it